what´s cookin´?

1.Guitarplayers meet UP! Community! Community!The first guitar meeting has taken place in Moabit. Only four days before chrismas! and still ! three couragous guitar player met to talk about all the things that are so important for guitar players....for example....where do I get GOOD coffee?;) etc... If you want to join the next meeting, it´ll happen in juin 2018 just send me an email and I`ll send you an invitation.

2.I probably heard the name Nir Felder more than one time but been forgetting to listen to him. Probably the name is to blame ;) Then I discovered Max Frankl´s Interview with Nir last week and now I am listening to his CD "Golden Age" all the time. And you´ll find the leadsheets to his songs on his website as well. I always find it extremely helpful to have a chance to look at the original music. Especially when a song starts out on 15/8 16/8 time. And there are also two instructional videos with him on mymusicmasterclass.

Christina Jaeckel