Practice Routine plus Zigzag Jam Session



When I finished my practice routine for the winter holidays this tuesday evening I decided that it was about time to go to a session again. Before I left my practice room in Friedrichshain i filmed myself playing all the exercises i had been practicing. I collected the videos in a folder on my I phone for the next practicing session. On one hand I make the videos to have a tool to measure my progress. And on the other hand I make the videos to remember where i left off. I intend to go on with the same practice routine in february. (...yes I am crying). To comfort myself i bought t Jimmy Wyble´s Solo Collection. So that I can have a peek into the book during my teaching job if i have a break. Pray with me.

So i left the room all tidied up. Got my guitar and since i was pretty hungry bought „coconut something with chicken“ at the AsiaGoFresh takeaway at Ostkreuz. No Comment. (Next time i´ll try the noodles I hope that will be a better choice...)

Arriving at the Zigzag Jazz Club I had to wait a little while since the club was to full to let anybody in. And that on a tuesday evening. A good thing. The jamsession is hosted by Uri Gincel and if you talk to him and if you can play jazz he´ll make sure you´ll get your spot. Luckily I know him a little bit and since i can´t play jazz or guitar or anything like that he let me join in anyways. What shall I say? It was my lucky day! Three tunes were called and i knew all of them by heart. Days of Wine and Roses. Body and Soul. Lady Bird.T his didn´t happen to me in a real long time. The funny thing is since i´m now a mother, and i´m pretty sure not everybody knows that, i ´m supposed to play „god bless the child“ all the time. Nobody ever asked me to play that tune before. After some painful live experiences with the song i finally gave in and learned to play it  by heart .Clap clap clap.

The amp was a nighmare (again) and i now official hate fender twin reverb amps( i´m not going to link to that). At least if you´re supposed to play them soft in a room with a window front. I wonder if a volume pedal or even a booster might do the trick. But then I would need even more time to set up the guitar plus i have to carry the pedal around all day long. Ok that´s probably just a bad excuse.

I enjoyed the rest of the evening at the bar with my well-deserved beer listening to the band. Uri Gincel (p), Andi Lang (bass) and Tobias Backhaus (dr) really sounded great. The evening ended with the tune „mo better blues“ .And when I took  the last bus home I listened to even more „mo better blues“ on my telephone. This time played be the Jacky Terrasson Trio. I went to bed with a smile on my face .

Christina Jaeckel