Don ´t stop practicing

Sometimes a student that has been practicing a lot comes to the guitar lessons and I can see that she or he is in distress. The student has put in the work but it still doesn’t seem to make any difference. That is when I say: “ Who told you that it is going to be fun to learn to play guitar?”. Then we both laugh nervously and continue on with the lesson with a lighter spirit. The student and I are in the same boat now.. There is so much to learn and at times it can be overwhelming no matter for how long you have been playing the guitar.

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Practice Routine plus Zigzag Jam Session

When I finished my practice routine for the winter holidays this tuesday evening I decided that it was about time to go to a session again. Before I left my practice room in Friedrichshain i filmed myself playing all the exercises i had been practicing. I collected the videos in a folder on my I phone for the next practicing session.

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Christina Jaeckel