how it all began

When I got pregnant in 2016 I wondered how I could still be on the "scene" as guitar player in a time I couldn´t get out the door as much as I liked to.

That´s when I started making YouTube videos. All I had was an old I Pad and a couch that seemed to be the perfect spot to get started.


Every monday I´ve been publishing a video about something that I either been working on or that one of my students was curious about.

It´s a lot of fun to make these videos. There´s so much to learn in so many different categories - how to use the camera, how to edit the material I filmed and last but not least how to explain playing jazzguitar in a reasonable way.

So the process is the thing. And that´s probably the best thing I learned when I started making those videos.










the facts and the figures

Tina  Jäckel was born in munich and started playing the recorder at the age of five. She continued to play the recorder for 8 long years.

Then she started to play the violin and the piano.  She stopped playing the violin after two years after discovering an instrument that actually has frets.

The guitar.

After attending a blues concert with Titus Vollmer in the local pub she knew that she wanted to become a musician.

Tina Jäckel studied jazz guitar in Würzburg, Amsterdam and Paris. After finishing her bachelor degree in Amsterdam she moves to Hamburg and starts making a living playing music and teaching.

In 2011 she moves to Berlin for a change of pace.

After visiting the infamous " Bei Ernst - Session " in the Sprengelkiez she started practicing even more .