Kurt Rosenwinkel Sequence Ideas

  1. This sequence starts at 3:44 Kurt is using the Ab-melodic minor scale on the Abm7 chord. He plays this phrase on his album “enemies of energy” on his tune “enemies of energy”. He is playing a five up and then a three up using only notes of the scale. You could also think about this as playing the chords of the melodic minor scale but only playing the root, the five and 7 of the respective chord.

2. This sequence starts at 4:07 and Kurt is now inprovising over the Gm7 chord. He is using the G minor triad and a A major triads which creates a really cool sound. Check it out!

Bildschirmfoto 2019-10-07 um 10.44.17.png

Don´t forget to be creative with those sequences, you can play them in all kind of subdivisions (triplets, sixteenth notes,quintuplets....) You can change the order of the notes, repeat notes, skip notes.It is more about creating the sound and having fun with it. Listen to Kurt using those ideas he uses them in an unpredictable way (rhythm is king :). NOTE: The tune „enemies of energy“ uses the solo form of „so what“ ( Miles Davis, 1959) But then in another key! First chord is Gm7.

So you know!! each time I prepare a new video I do my homework. I look up jazz theory books and refresh my memory or learn something new. So I picked up Mark Levines Book "Jazz Theory." That´s a book I like a lot. He always shows musical examples from recordings. But WTF.... He is talking about a modulation in bar 3+4 in the tune "Just friends". But it´s only a four minor chord! So I had to make one of my "nerdiest" videos so far. 13 min me ! talking about jazz standards that are NOT modulating.

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