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Lesson 76: how I practice improvisation

Sometimes on lesson with a teacher can give you some of those lightbulb moments that will inform your guitarplaying for a long time to come. I had one (or actually more than one) when I had a lesson with Attila Mühl some years ago. I remember that we improvised over one tune for a longtime and that he showed me some exercises that really helped me a lot. I am sharing those with you in this video.

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Lesson 61: How To Mix Chords And Lines

While I was sitting on my couch playing the song " You Go To My Head" on the guitar I remembered the lyrics of the song:
" a summer with a thousand julys..!"
I guess that´s a reasonable way to describe this summer .
It is so hot! and then I thought why not make a video with the standard "Summertime" (obviously...) and explain my newly found exercise for playing chords and lines in your solo.

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