Lesson 77: extra hip Robben Ford line

" How could anybody play such a great line over a blues?" That´s me asking my guitar teacher twenty years ago when I just couldn´t believe it how great Robben Ford was sounding on "Misdirected Blues". And my teacher answered rather dryly something like "if you play long enough something like this can come out...."

So in this video I have a look on the line Robben Ford is playing over a C Blues. What does he do? and why does it sound so good?

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Lesson 76: how I practice improvisation

Sometimes on lesson with a teacher can give you some of those lightbulb moments that will inform your guitarplaying for a long time to come. I had one (or actually more than one) when I had a lesson with Attila Mühl some years ago. I remember that we improvised over one tune for a longtime and that he showed me some exercises that really helped me a lot. I am sharing those with you in this video.

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