lesson 44: the legato exercise

This is the perfect warm-up exercise for your daily practice routine. It´ll help you listen to what you are playing. An at the same time the exercise shows you the way from practicing quantitiy to practicing quality.


lesson 43: the practice room

In this weeks episode we´ll take a closer look at the space you are practicing in. Five short tips will help you make the most of your practicing time

lesson 38: the random circle

The random cycle helps you practice chord voicings in an efficient way.You´ll learn the notes on the fretboard and at the same time you´ll practice a new chord. Plus this exercise could be a starting point to write your own compositions.

lesson 37: sus 4 voicings

Sus 4 is an open sounding chord that can be used to replace a dominant seventh chord. In this video I explain three different ways for generating sus chords.

lesson 36 : what´s cookin`?

In this week´s episode I talk about two books and one CD. I reveal my recent sources of inspiration and hope they will do you some good aswell. 

lesson 31: wes montgomery "straight, no chaser" (1)

In this lesson I´ll play Wes Montgomerys Solo at half-notes 80. And in the following lesson I will play it 10 bpm faster until I reach the original tempo of halfnotes=125.

Plus I´m going to have a closer look at the material Wes is using in his solo. What is he doing and how can I learn from it?

lesson 30: the "system"

In this episode I´ll explain a system for learning new songs by heart and making sure to never forget them again. The system is derived from the german „lernkartei" which was developed by Sebastian Leitner.

lesson 28: how to practice scales (2)

This is part two of a three part series on how to practice scales.I´ll talk about the importance of practicing your scales in four bar units and demonstrate some of the exercises I invented.