lesson 26: maj7#5 chords

In this lesson I finally reveal how to play a II V I in minor using only maj 7#5 chords. There will be some new voicings and tips on finding new sounds on your guitar.

lesson 23: II V I in minor (1)

In this episode I explain how you can use a half-diminished voicing to create three different sounds:the half-diminished itself, the minor 6 sound and an altered dominant seventh sound.

lesson 19: drop 2 (4)

In this episode I´ll show you a methode that helps you apply drop 2 voicings to a jazz standard tune.

The concept is called PERPETUUM MOBILE.

In this video I demonstrate the concept using a JAZZ BLUES FORM in F.

lesson 18: drop 2 (3)

In this lesson I´ll give you an overview over the four chord types maj7,dom7,m7 and m7b5 .While using drop 2 voicings.I´ll show you all 4 inversions on the three stringpairs.You´ll find a chord chart with all 48 different voicings on this website.

lesson 14: triads (3)

In the last two episodes I´ll talked about barre chords and triads in closed position. This video demonstrates how you can get from triads in closed position to triads in open position. There will be a new episode each monday.

lesson 13: triads (2)

 This is lesson number two of a short three part series about Triads: (1) Barre Chords → (2) Triads Close Position → (3)Triads Open Position In this episode I´ll explain the four types of triads: major,minor, augmented and diminished.

lesson 12: triads (1)

In the next three episodes I´ll talk about triads: (1) Barre Chords → (2)Triads Close Position → (3)Triads Open Position.

In this episode I´ll explain four different types of Barre Chords and how you can find them on your fretboard.

lesson 9: drop 2 voicings (2)

In this video I will talk about drop 2 voicings and how you can find their inversions.

I´ll give you some tips how to practice drop 2 voicings and in the same time get to know the notes on your fretboard even better.
Last but not least the exercises i´ll show you will help you find some open string voicings.

lesson 7: shellvoicings

I´ll talk about Shellvoicings with the root either on the E or the A string and I´ll explain three chordtypes : maj7,dom7 and m7.